An Open Social Platform

based on Blockchain


Social Closed Loop

Know each other become friends and develop their relationships

Create New Connection

People can build new connection from online games and offline parties

Full Scenario Game

Satisfy user's social needs in various scenarios

Enhance Social Relatioship

AiLink will provide full support from ice breaking to close friends

Encourage With Token

Encourages users to perform face-to-face social interactions offline and complete the whole social loop

Token Offline Payment

Use AiLink’s wallet for offline payments to merchants


On the basis of trust, AiLink will directly break through six degrees of separation. Users can directly connect to or conclude transactions with any node on the network at a low cost, so that information and value can be effectively spread throughout the blockchain network. Then, publishers will achieve their goals, communicators will get token rewards, benefiting all nodes spread throughout the network.



Set up and improve the ecosystem model. Happy Miner, based on AiLink's social game, began to test.


Launch autonomous business ecosystem, launch AiLink Token wallet function, grow user quantity exponentially through viral marketing.


Launch incentive system, improve the social system functions and open platform service system.


Launch the open gaming platform, diversify the platform's ecosystem and improve the platform's value system.


Integrate applications into the system in large quantities and improve the ecosystem for the entire platform.




Roger Li

Founder and CEO of Juhuiwan and Tianhu Game, a known social game platform with 20,000,000 young users.

Shichun Wu

Top Angel Investor. Founder of Plum Ventures. Investor of Qudian, Miya, Changba.

Chandler Guo

Founder of BitAngel Fund, well know angel investor in blockchain field.

Bo Zhu

Founder of DreamChaser Fund and Inno Valley. Investor of Super Class, Liwushuo, Boostinsider and Juhuiwan.

Linc Yang

15 years experience in system architecture and technical solution, has been worked in NY and Singapore.

Yiyun Zhang

Funding Partner of "GeekBeans Capital", CEO of "Pocket Part-Time".

Colin Duan

PhD. 10 years experience in the field of AI and Machine Learning, extensice work experience at Amazon, eBay and GE.

Sky Kong

Former CTO of more than 15 years experience in IoT, big data, micro service, system architecture, AI and now deep ploughing in blockchain.

Alan Li

Co-founder and COO of Juhuiwan. Worked in Baidu inc. and Master degree in Computer Science Department of Tongji University.

Lann Lan

Rich experience in marketing field including marketing related information collection and analysis, consulting, planning and strategies making.

Samuel Wang

15 years profound UI development experience in Morgan Stanley and

Hulk Yang

Experience full stack engineer who has been worked at Baidu inc. and Lenovo.